Sunday, May 24, 2009


Watercolor with Inks: Dr. Martin's. 15x11 in.

Watercolor with ink. 15x11 in.

This was the first time I started to use watercolor inks with my watercolor. I did these two about 4 months ago and ever sense then I have been stuck on those inks. The colors blend so well and keep there vigor even after they dry. These two where before the one below. I want to do more like the bottom one here - ship yard.
Most of my paintings are meant to convey a sense of purpose. They should display the reason for this creatures creation. Which in this case is carrying supplies across the ocean such as a cargo ship or oil tanker. The top painting was the first of this series of Swordfish. It is meant to be a preliminary painting to lay down the full shape and color of the subject. The bottom one is unfinished. The blank spot in the upper right corner is bothering me, so sooner or later something is filling that space in along with other details.

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