Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diagrams / Blueprints

Over layering of three velum sheets, on transparency 8x11in.
Swordfish port diagram, cross section of compartment doors and body segments. Velum 11x14in.
Stone Crab scematic. Designed for underwater salvage and retrieval. Velum, 11x14in.
Swan/Bird of Prey submersible for commercial transport as well as Public.Velum, 11x14in.

Aardvark carrier scematic quarter view. Velum, 11x14in.

These are part of a series in a on going project of mine. I start out with sketches of skeletons and work over them on velum slowly building up a design that suites my intentions for what i feel the animal would best be utilized for. As of right now all of the ones above are used for transport and salvage. Most of these have been realized in finished paintings depicting them in scenes of how they move and interact with there environment. I will post more images of them as soon as i can scan them at the moment that is the only thing keeping them off this blog.

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